By One Therapist

We offer bespoke treatments. Provide for a wide range of conditions, including stiff shoulders, back pain, swelling and fatigue. We aim to restore your natural vitality.


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Lyvolvant Bespoke treatments


60 minutes
Intensive care for areas of concern. This is a massage-only course, most beneficial treatment will be designed by a therapist accordingly.

75 minutes
Focus on the areas of concern. Treatments are designed based on your body condition and needs.

90 minutes
This is a custom-made course that focuses on the areas of concern and fatigue recovery based on your needs.

Lyvolvant Deeper Legs retreat


Intensive leg care based on the balance of the whole body. Approach the entire lower body including the abdomen. A reset from fatigue is also expected.

Lyvolvant Reflexology and Dry head


Approach the reflex area of the whole body from the head and sole where various nerves and acupoints are concentrated. Relieves physical and mental fatigue and makes you feel refreshed.

Lyvolvant women treatments


This massage designed to adjust the hormone balance by focusing on women’s problems such as coldness and swelling according to your constitution.

Lyvolvant digestion


A special treatment that promotes excretion, cleans the abdomen, improves waistline and posture.

4D designing course


Body design course that helps to return to the original correct posture. A massage that designs the optimal balance to reduce the strain on your body.

Bespoke facial treatment


A special treatment to relieve the facial muscles and restores vitality and radiance to the skin. Use the products according to the massage.

Head, Facial & Legs


Focus on the head, facial and legs. A special care that is highly effective in a short time by making the best use of each connection.

Organic facial treatment


A facial treatment that uses only carefully selected organic cosmetics from around the world. This treatment helps to purify, energizes and moisturizes the skin.