Client Testimonials

Ms. Naomi Campbell (Model)

Ms. Naomi Campbell introduced Mikiko Hayano on her Instagram.

Ms. Salma Hayek (Actress)

Ms. Salma Hayek talked about Mikiko Hayano in the “Other Services” section of The New York Times’ Deep Skin.

Ms. Poppy Delevingne (Model / Socialite)

Ms. Poppy Delevingne posted the following comment on Twitter.

『 For THE most sensational massage in the world, visit #MikikoHayano@GraceBelgravia #LifeChanging # HeadToYourToes 』

Ms. Ashley Pearson (Journalist)

Ms. Ashley Pearson introduced the massage of Mikiko Hayano team in the article of “Grace Belgravia” in the UK.
『…balancing treatment, followed by a gentle but thorough colonic, and then, probably the best massage of my life』

Ms. Nicole Fall (co-founder of Bespoke)

I totally need to be thanking you for my treatment – not the other way around! So – thank you, I really enjoyed this experience and slept very well last night. in fact, I could barely stay awake when I got home – I felt like I had just had a big workout.
I was thinking about my massage on the way home and it reminded me of a Chinese internal organ massage I had in Thailand last year. a little painful but ultimately beneficial…i.e like deep tissue massage. Actually, I much prefer your style of massage to say craniosacrial style.

Ms. Fiona Wilson (Bureau Chief at “Monocle”)

I wanted to thank you so much! I really, really enjoyed my afternoon with you. I’ve tried so many different types of massage and I felt what you were doing really made a difference to the way I felt. I was aching yesterday – as you’d said I would but felt that you’d really got to some very deep stiffness. I was also very interested in your advice about diet and so on. I need to work less and relax more! Sounds like a good idea. Thanks again – no wonder you’re so booked up!