We all possess natural vitality but everyday stresses and strains, and the build-up of fatigue, diminish this natural vitality and deplete our reserves. We can lose our resistance to disease and become weaker. Modern medicine is advancing and there’s a vast range of health supplements that we can take, but our bodies need to be able to make the best use of them.
Mikiko Hayano has spent many years studying and working in the field of health and beauty, and has gained an extensive knowledge of both oriental and western medicine. She has years of experience working with clients and helping people to live a healthier life. From this she has expanded her understanding of how the body works and how we can all achieve optimum health.

So who is Mikiko Hayano? What makes her exceptional?

She’s got formal qualifications – a degree in pharmacology and certificates of achievement from some of the best institutions in her field. She’s worked and studied all over the world. She’s developed her own unique holistic massage treatment by taking the best of western massage and Japanese techniques and drawing on them both to develop her own exclusive approach. This method has been proven to have truly wonderful results. Her skill is highly valued by people who know what the best feels like and rely on her to keep them feeling and performing at their best. Her clients include supermodels and actors, designers and artists, celebrities, athletes and royalty.


We’re special because our treatments truly embrace the concept of inner and outer beauty. The two are symbiotic and our unique approach to beauty embraces that.
The treatment, born from a deep understanding and years of experience, works with the outer and inner layers of the muscles, the fascia, and the body’s own flow of energy to deliver something unique – different from any other treatment available anywhere else in the world.
Your health depends on your whole body being in balance. Your skin, your muscles, your nervous system and your brain all contribute to living life well. We work on all of these together to enhance your natural beauty and health.
We’ve taken the best from the techniques that we’ve researched and studied from all over the world and developed our own unique philosophy.

Our famous Four Hand Massage, developed from many years of research and practical experience is loved and relied on by people of all ages, all over the world. We’ve always offered a bespoke treatment, completely adapted to the individual’s needs, their state of mind at the time and what they want to achieve.

We’ve now added our 4D treatment to our menu; a fabulous new treatment that is amazingly effective. First we work with the body in three dimensions; as a sculpture, created from within and perfected on the surface. This revolutionary new concept then goes beyond that. By working through three dimensions we bring out and use the body’s own self-healing power, thus creating a fourth dimension, (4D). We allow the body to realize its full potential, to be the best it can be, to be what it’s destined to be.

We are all unique individuals and have different needs at different times. So the treatment and care we need will change along with how we feel each day. That’s why our treatments are bespoke, adjusted for you and how you’re feeling mentally, physically and emotionally. 

At Lyvolvant, we provide treatments for a wide range of conditions, including stiff shoulders, back pain, swelling and menopausal symptoms. If you’re cold, or feeling all over low or would just like to feel your best, we aim to restore your natural vitality.